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501 East Main Street

Evans City, PA 16033

What to Expect

  • Parking is available down to the right of church, at upper entrance and above the church to the left.

  • We have entrances on the first,  second and 3rd floors.

  • The sanctuary where we worship is on the 2nd floor.  We have an elevator for those who need it.

  • Masks are welcome but not required.

  •  We have fellowship time after worship.
Boy walking to light candles in sanctuary for worship
While this is all very different we know that God is with us and as you enter you bring the spirit of Christ with you.

We are all on a spiritual journey together and we do welcome questions.

St. John’s is a place where our faith intersects with our words and actions.

We are so glad you have visited us through our website. If you have any questions or would like prayer, we invite you to contact us by a phone call, email or facebook message. We are here to join you on your spiritual and personal journey.